“A man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.”

     Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

My code of ettiquette is as follows:

  1. I want to concentrate on you and the chemistry between us. Upon arrival, please excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up and leave the fee in an unsealed envelope, in a giftbag, or within a book or magazine without me having to ask for it, so we can start things on a relaxed note with each other.
  2. My rate is based on time, nothing else. The only additional discussion about my rates will be if you choose to extend the length of our time together. Asking me to confirm my rate, give detailed description of my services, or anything else that implies a lack of due diligence in research on your end will be cause for ending our contact or appointment at that moment.
  3. I am an affectionate person who revels in the opportunity to celebrate this with folks who seek and appreciate this lovely quality. If affection makes you uncomfortable, then kindly refrain from contacting me. 
  4. Aside from a request for basic hygiene, I require that you wash your hands at the beginning of our time together, no exceptions. I am sure your hands are clean, but it would put my mind at ease if I were confident that they were freshly washed before you touch my face, hair, or skin. You will always be welcomed to utilize the shower if that suits your preference.
  5. I love to be in the company of true gentlemen. If I observe any questionable behavior on your part, I reserve the right to terminate all contact with you.
  6. I have an absolute zero tolerance policy for drug use. See above.

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