Pretty Please

Gifts, while never expected, are always appreciated. The list below contains some suggestions for gifts I would enjoy, but I would cherish anything which has been thoughtfully selected by you, especially items that convey a facet of your personality, region, or heritage (anything with a personal touch is always endearing), lacey lingerie in size medium (34D), or items that make you think of me!

I especially love the colors classic black, alluring red, moss green, soft pink, saffron orange/yellow tones, and sultry burgundy - organic, earthy tones suit me particularly well!

Gift Cards
Dick's Sporting Goods
Whole Foods

Commodity - Book 
Maison Martin Margiela - Tea Escape
Comme des Garçons - 2 Man 

Wine & Spirits
Fine Quality Dry Sauvignon Blanc
IPAs or a regional specialty brew 
Suntory Hibiki Japanese Whiskey

Tiger Lilies
Red Roses
Toys - Glass or Stone 
Dark Chocolate